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Theory and Applications
(2nd Edition)


by Carlos de Morais Cordeiro (Intel Corporation, USA) & Dharma Prakash Agrawal (University of Cincinnati, USA)

Table of Contents
Chapter 2: Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
Chapter 5: Wireless PANs
Chapter 7: Directional Antenna Systems

This book provides a comprehensive yet easy coverage of ad hoc and sensor networks and fills the gap of existing literature in this growing field. It emphasizes that there is a major interdependence among various layers of the network protocol stack. Contrary to wired or even one-hop cellular networks, the lack of a fixed infrastructure, the inherent mobility, the wireless channel, and the underlying routing mechanism by ad hoc and sensor networks introduce a number of technological challenges that are difficult to address within the boundaries of a single protocol layer.

All existing textbooks on the subject often focus on a specific aspect of the technology, and fail to provide critical insights on cross-layer interdependencies. To fully understand these intriguing networks, one need to grasp specific solutions individually, and also the many interdependencies and cross-layer interactions.




  • Introduction
  • Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
  • Broadcasting, Multicasting and Geocasting
  • Wireless LANs
  • Wireless PANs
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Directional Antenna Systems
  • Cognitive Radio and Networks
  • TCP over Ad Hoc Networks
  • Applications of Sensor Networks
  • Sensor Networks Design Considerations
  • Sensor Networks in Controlled Environment and Actuators
  • Security in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Integrating MANETs, WLANs, and Cellular Networks

Readership: Researchers, developers and institutions keen in the applications of wireless devices, and graduate and senior undergraduate students in networking, computer engineering and electrical engineering.
ISBN:   1-934502-05-7 US$13  (print)


ISBN:   1-934502-05-7 US$15  (ebook)


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