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This book addresses the topic of educational reform in the United
States, concentrating on the intersection of reform initiatives and issues of
social difference and discrimination. It involves four interrelated phases.
The first involves a historical survey of educational reform. The second
is a textual analysis of two contemporary reform measures (namely
magnet schools and professional development schools). The third is a
discussion of critical multiculturalism as a viable tool for critiquing both
magnet school and professional development school initiatives. The fourth
phase is ethnography of a local school that operates simultaneously as a
magnet school and a professional development school. Social difference
and discrimination in general and more specifi cally social class and class
discrimination and race and racism in particular form the common thread
that runs through all phases of the study.

ISBN:   1-934502-02-2 US$60  (print)


ISBN:   1-934502-02-2 US$40  (ebook)


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